When I first met LaChandra and Byron to discuss their Aristide Event Center wedding it was interesting to discover that the two met during High School through a mutual friend and built a relationship over the two weeks before going to Prom together. However, after leaving to go to college in different areas they grew apart due to distance and time until fate brought the two back together after seven long years.jacksonweddingstudios_436





































When I first met with Miklos and Jennifer to discuss their downtown Dallas wedding they spoke greatly on how much they wanted a real party environment and how wanted their guest to really enjoy themselves. I’d say they did just that. They’re wedding was both elegant and fun. Many of their friends traveled from out of town to see the two tie the knot which to me was a testament to the love they share with all of their friends and family who simply adore the two. One of the more interesting elements of the wedding were the beautiful green bridesmaid dresses which received a ton of praise and vibe perfectly with the decor of the wedding. It was definitely a pleasure to photograph such a fun and chic wedding and even more to have the opportunity to share the amazing images we were able to capture as Miklos and Jennifer’s wedding photographers! As always we love to hear your thoughts, so let us know what you think! 🙂

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Spring is definitely one of the most beautiful times of the year. This year the cherry blossoms in Dallas were so lovely that we were compelled to try and match that beauty with a Dallas wedding styled shoot. Who better to involve in a shoot about beauty than the amazing beauty influencer and expert, Jade Kendle. She is the gorgeous creator of the extremely  popular beauty brand Lipstick n curls.

Anyone from Texas can tell you that even the springs in this part of the county can be really hot. So, when we finally managed to pull everything together and schedule the shoot, it wasn’t a surprise that it fell on one of the hottest days of the year thus far. Despite the heat the weather was gorgeous along with the two piece dress provided to us by Debra at White Gown Workroom. While viewing the dress on the rack, Tamika and I were not completely sold. However, after Jade put it on and completed the look make up done by Chalsea Doll of GlambyCham, we saw the type of beauty that we knew would coincide perfectly with the beautiful spring weather we were blessed with. I absolutely thank Jade, Chalsea, and Debra from Whitegrown Workroom for indulging us by participating in our shoot and can’t wait for the next time we collaborate together.

We hope you love are images and as always let us know what you think below!!! 🙂

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Due to server issues, our website was recently lost and had to be reconstructed from the ground up. As a result, we lost all of our original blog post. Because of that, we would like to re-welcome everyone to Jackson Wedding Studios formerly known as Still-Life Media Photography.

After six years of mainly primarily photographing weddings among other things, we realized that wanted to establish a photography brand solely focused on the genre of photography that we love most, which is wedding photography. This site is the embodiment of that desire and reflects our love for photographing couples in love.

Before our site went down and we had to recreate it, we had several blog post that shared some of our older images. However, in the interest of getting to post more recent work, we have included images from some of those previous post to get everyone caught up. Here we go. As always, we love to hear from you in our comments so feel free to share your thoughts! 🙂

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